Past rituals

A sensorial experience turns into a introspective ceremony finding yourself... connecting with a cigar's flavor.

What we offer

Sessions to create ambiances to enjoy this magical ritual through the eyes of a woman in a predominantly male world.

Chocolate Pairing Chocolate Pairing

The origins of cacao and differences of different cacao products. Tasting of gourmet chocolates with unique flavors such as lavander and Malbec among others. Pairing cigars and chocolate is a completely pleasurable and enlightening experience, and together with Lilly, you will submerge in a sensorial analysis of each. Number of participants: 12 Duration: 1 – […]

Cigar Testing Cigar Testing

Exclusive tasting that introduces the secrets of the cigar world, intimate ceremonies, ambiance and magic to a select group of guests. All tasting are personally hosted by Lilly Wang herself. Tastings will include cigars and optional gifts for guests. Number of participants: 12 Duration: 1 – 2 hours Topics Discussed: –Cigar rolling demonstration and explanation […]

Wine Testing Wine Testing

A journey that discovers various grapes and experience profound high level wines and renowned wineries across the Americas. Number of participants: 12 Duration: 1 – 2 hours Topics Discussed: -Wines are chosen specifically to compliment the flavor palette of the cigar(s) chosen for the night. -Along with the cigar discussion, Lilly will delve into the fascinating […]

Smoky thoughts

Cigars & Secret Gardens

Intimate gatherings to explore the beautiful and sometimes complex world of cigars are often my favorite. This was the case when I hosted a private tasting in a beautiful outdoor scene. We sampled 2 cigars from Maya Selva, and a glorious selection of 3 different spanish rioja wines. From the construction of the cigar, to […]

Cigar Tasting At C-Lounge

Hello my friends! Today, I want to share with you a little snippet of a cigar tasting I had the pleasure of hosting at C-lounge. To say that C-Lounge is beautiful, is an understatement. Its the ultimate depiction of comfort and luxe, all in one. That night, we were sampling two different cigars from Maya […]

—After over 15 years in the industry, Lilly Wang has become one of the most renown cigar sommelier in Latin America, now she’s venturing her knowledge in US.

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